Nene H announces brand new EP entitled ‘Trifecta’ releasing via Live From Earth Club

Turkish-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Nene H announces brand new project with single “Fukken Lie” via Berlin-based label Live From Earth Club, releasing December 9th.

Nene H real name Beste Aydin has become a powerhouse of Berlin’s evolving underground identity—blazing a trail for SWANA, Muslim, queer, and female representation in a scene which has historically overlooked them. Her presence is unapologetic, and her uncompromising commitment to uplifting marginalised communities in club culture persists throughout each of her endeavours. 

For her new release, Nene H pays her respects to three cities that have shaped and inspired her. Opener “Ring the Sirän” is a salute to Istanbul and to her passion project where she gives everything she got to elevate the scene in Istanbul and be part of something where she can give back to the community.

Middle track “Fukken Lie” is for Berlin, lyrics are written and spoken by Nik Mantilla. It is a very humorous reality of the scene in which she operates and as simple as it sometimes gets , it at the same time allowed her to express herself and shaped her personality to unapologetically be her, with the help of her community.

Final song, “Hold Ud, Skat!” pays homage to Copenhagen Scene, the city that adopted the lost child in Nene H and inspired her. Feeling accepted and belonged somewhere is how she felt without asking for it. She learned a lot from the community there as well.

In addition to regular appearances in Berlin—including her CTM performance conceived with The National Choir of Georgia and two emotional live shows at Atonal — Nene H is also bursting through the international club and festival circuit, tearing through Tbilisi’s Bassiani, Paris’ Myst, and Kyiv’s ∄ (K41), and maintaining a residency at Endurance in Copenhagen.

Listen to “Fukken Lie” here.

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