Listen to a playlist of organic jazzy bops curated by X-Coast

Serbian-born, Brooklyn-based X-Coast is renowned across the world for referencing multiple genres within his productions, kick-starting his career with the defining Mango Bay EP – the lead track proving to be the most successful track on the record, providing nostalgic sounds of 90’s rave culture. Fast-forward seven years and you’ll find X-Coast providing equally high-grade productions, effortlessly drifting through different genres and musical styles ranging from the harder kicks of “Synthetic Dreams” to old-school rave sounds found in “Pianissimo”.

Staying true to his nostalgic 90s rave roots, X-Coast recently announced his next EP Pianissimo due on Mall Grab’s esteemed Steel City Dance Discs later this year (available to pre-order on Bandcamp). Through a collection of just four tracks that are ready to ignite dance floors, the young producer brings back old-school rave music with a contemporary touch that sets him apart from his peers. In fact, X-Coast just dropped another teaser from the project entitled “House It Up” alongside an old-school DIY visual. Continuing to bring the nostalgic rave sounds to our modern day speakers, X-Coast continues to garner a serious amount of attention and ahead of release the Brooklyn-based DJ and producer curates a playlist of organic bops.

“I’m under the impression that the current trends in electronic music are too synthetic for our own good. I share this playlist of jazzy bops across various bpms in hope that the youths will try listening to some organic music from time to time – its good for the head..”

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