Sam Wise – None The Wiser

South London rapper Sam Wise has been a key component of the capitals rap scene since 2015. His early involvement in the notorious rap collective House Of Pharaohs provided a perfect platform for him to showcase and develop his unique skills alongside close friends BlazeYL, Kevin Taylor, Bandana and Danny Sturn. At the same time, Sam continued to hone his sound under his own personal moniker, releasing regular output including last years acclaimed album Free Game and collaborative singles alongside the likes of UK hotshots Jesse James Solomon and kadiata. 

Renowned for his lyrical versatility and refreshing soundtracks to back his flow, Sam Wise consistently offers a breath of fresh air in today’s increasingly claustrophobic rap and drill scene — personified in his most recent release None The Wiser. Incorporating sounds from across the sonic spectrum and choosing a variety of percussive elements to alternate tempo, the new project brings together a slew of producers including Jamo Beats, O12, 808Charmer TK The Producer and more, showcasing Sam’s multi-layered personality and innate ability to serve up an original body of work.

Clocking in at just under twenty minutes and spanning six immaculately delivered tracks, the record kickstarts with “Guess Who’s Back”, a fitting reintroduction to the airwaves since his last project dropped in 2021. Atmospheric instrumentals and a relatively steady kickdrum allow Sam to ease into the record as he reminds fans and family who he is and what he is about. Increasing the intensity slightly, “Thankful” offers a slightly quicker beat, scattered with snares and kick drums. As suggested in the title, the Londoner reflects deeply on his journey so far — from wiping tables to becoming one of London’s favourite rappers. Not one to boast either, Sam shows personal gratitude throughout the track exclaiming, “I’m blessed can’t stress enough” and repeating “I’m thankful, I’m grateful” throughout. 

Harder tracks follow in the form of “Chattin’s” and “Coupe:Humble”. The first — wavey synth work weaves in between a powerful kick drum as Sam’s voice seemingly matches the tempo, becoming more direct and concise with his flow. Hitting the half-way mark, and the South Londoner seems to be having much more fun. One of the standout tracks on the EP “Coupe:Humble” comes in at number four, starting off with a male voice note before swiftly slamming into another powerful heater containing more effective synth work to provide the perfect rhythm. 

The only marked feature on the project comes in the form of American/ Nigerian rapper Maison2500, a fast-emerging trap-artist who has been tapped by many as one to watch. Injecting a fresh, sonic perspective to keep the project bustling, Sam trades a verse with the young artist further showcasing his dynamic ability to deliver versatile music. Final track “Fever” brings the EP back down to earth and is laced with plucky guitar riffs and futuristic sampling to start, until reaching an atmospheric crescendo through piano keys to finish.

A release brimming with originality and guaranteed underground rap classics, Sam Wise can always be counted on. Although, as the title suggests, Sam maybe “None The Wiser” in life, but he sure is musically a step ahead of his peers.

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