Hadone – What I Was Running From [Things We Never Did]

Hadone has garnered a huge amount of attention over the last few years, renowned for his innate skills as a producer, DJ and live performer. Blending modern and 90’s techno to produce his very own sound, the French maestro is well known across the globe for his hard-hitting musical identity leading to releases across a slew of esteemed labels including the likes of Monnom Black, Taapion, Kaos and Klakson to name a few.

Constantly evolving and honing his sound, Hadone recently unleashed his first ever LP entitled What I Was Running From via his expansive new label project ‘Things We Never Did’. Marking the imprint’s debut release, What I Was Running From spans nine individually unique cuts including a special collaboration with fellow French producer Askkin. The record sees Hadone blending 4×4 techno tracks with more melodic pieces — celebrating several immersive sub-genres combined with his personal sonic despondency. Armed with a new label, boasting a web app designed and developed by Yanis Sabir, and a sleek new album, we caught up with Hadone about his new ventures.

How’s things? What have you been getting up to recently?

Thanks for having me! Good to chat to you guys. So yeah, I have been good thanks. A bit stressed out with the label launching and the album out, but I guess it’s all a good stress?! I chose to play a bit less also and try to spend more quality time with my people, so that’s been a positive impact.

To a first-time listener, how would you describe your music?

Hard one but let’s try, I would say its electronic music built with feelings and instinct. Kind of like a patchwork of everything that’s influenced me since I was a teenager. However this inspiration has come from so many different fields – it can be a film, a painting, a person or just an emotion.

Hailing from France, can you name a few emerging artists who we should be keeping an eye on for next year?

Oh yes, I would say Faster Horses from Manchester, a young talented guy with a bright future. Also, someone called Arkane who’s also from Manchester who was from the Kander duo at the beginning, defending some strong techno! Beatrice from Spain crafting the groove in her music and mixes and then finally a duo called Astwo. Compromised of 2 talented producers from Eastern Europe who I recently discovered!

Your latest project “What I Was Running From” is a really impactful listen. Can you tell us more about the inspiration/s behind this record?

So, it’s my LP released on my new imprint “Things We Never Did”. At first I wanted to make an EP but then when I started diving into all my projects I just realised since 2 years with covid I produced a lot of music.

So, inspiration largely came from multiple things, such as sampling vocals or an instrument to making a track in one hour or others in months.

What was the overall creative and production process behind it?

The LP is more like of a ‘best of’ collection of my tunes I produced during this period. I also tried to find a logic in all the tracks working together.

If you had to pick a favourite track from the project, which one would it be and why?

I think I’ll chose “Sonar” that I made with my good friend Thomas aka Askkin. It’s the first track we created together, and when we tried to produce for the very first time. From that experience we knew magic could happen when we were in the studio and this track, for me is the proof and that’s why its special.

The album is the first release on your very own label Things We Never Did. Tell us more about the aims of the imprint and where you look to take it?

So, the behind the label is kind of the same as I started to tell with my first album “And Then We Were None” which I released on Taapion 2 years ago. It’s about our perception of time and the way we consume it. With the label I wanted to create bridges between past, present and future. The name ‘Things We Never Did” is not something special, but more optimist, trying to push us to do the things that we didn’t try in the past. 

Can you tell us more about the TWND web app?

The web app or website (whatever you want to call it) came quickly when I started to think about the label. I didn’t want a classic website and I’ve been into video games since I was about 10 years old, and still love them. With the freedom of launching my own platform I wanted to allow myself to do anything I want on every platform. What I love the most was the idea to create an immersive experience for the users and listeners and propose something original. I hope everyone will enjoy it and understand it.

Growing up, who were your main influences both musically and non-musical?

I think musically I went through a lot of genres from French Rap and Hip Hop when I was a teenager, all the way to Metal, Scream and Hardcore Punk when I got to high school. I love a lot of genres of music and that’s what built me into my musical career and productions of today. I think the non-musical aspect which influences me the most is cinema. I love that way of expression. To me it’s the ultimate way to show ideas or messages. I think during the week sometimes I dig out more movies than music! I probably have a lot to recommend.

Where can we catch you over the coming months? And what’s next for Hadone?I will play around Europe and maybe Asia early next year also I already set up around 4 releases on the label, so you can expect a lot of interesting music in the coming months.

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