DJ Nobu, Manni Dee and Guilia Tess remix Max Cooper

Max Cooper presents a remix collection to accompany his 2022 album Unspoken Words, featuring innovative contributions from a range of artists across the electronic music spectrum.

A total of twelve remixes will be split into four packages to be unveiled via Mesh between February and May 2023. For the first remix package, Mesh present three new interpretations of tracks from the original album.

First up, London-based multidisciplinary artist Manni Dee reworks ‘Exotic Contents’ into a glistening dose of radiant electro, followed by Japanese master DJ Nobu’s take on ‘Everything’, a slowed down swirl of industrial acid. Rounding off the package, Italian purveyor of leftfield electronica Guilia Tess turns ‘Spectrum’ into a glitchy haze fo broken beats and instrumental stabs.

With the original album, released in March 2022, Max Cooper explored personal stories of reflection, acceptance, idealism, and rejection, offering a space to facilitate a sense of connection amongst those facing internal discordance. Expanding on this notion, the remix collection invites artists with varying approaches, connecting the dots between curious musical minds from across the globe.

The sonic palette of Unspoken Words Volumes may not be reduced to a single aesthetic approach, instead allowing each artist to run freely with their ideas and interpret each track in whichever way they see fit.

Listen to the remixes below.

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