Nia Archives – Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall

As if 2022 wasn’t a huge year for the Bradford-born artist, Nia Archives, this year’s Jungle music scene is about to melt in her hands. As the follow-up to her breakthrough EP Forbidden Feelingz, Nia has just released the six-track EP Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against Tha Wall.

As a continuation from her previous releases “So Tell Me…” and “Baianá”, this new project deals with themes of maturity and disaffection of certain relationships. 

A slow paced piano chord composition on the title track “Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against That Wall” soon turns unmistakably EDM, as Nia invokes the spirit of her new age Jungle style. Similar in its minimal lyrical content, “Baianá” pays homage to the sampled namesake track, by the group Barbatuques. Nia dedicates this EP opener to showcase her production skills, mixing her signature style of new era Jungle genre with baile funk, using a Reese bassline and an Amen drum break.

Nia collaborates with Irish singer Maverick Sabre on track three, “No Need 2 Be Sorry, Call Me?”, a conversational song with a touching storyline of needing company from someone who can offer a carefree type of love. The two exchange a trusting conversation of one person unapologetically wanting company whilst the other is comfortably willing to be there for them.

Track four, “So Tell Me…”, sees Nia reflecting on her feelings about a certain group of people and how their friendship has negatively affected her. As if closing a chapter, Nia captures the recurring thought of why she feels compelled to leave this unfavourable space where she feels unwanted. Rooted in her overthinking of what she could have said in a particular conversation, Nia decides it is time to move on.

In a drum and bass track with an acoustic beginning, “Conveniency” examines Nia’s thoughts on being someone’s third choice. It’s understandable that this is not something she desires, and although we can relate to this, this new generation drum ‘n’ bass soundscape is so sweet, you forget you’re dancing to the pains of somewhat unrequited love. Nia gives us another glimpse into her world of love in the ruminative track, “That’s Tha Way Life Goes”. Accepting the occasionally maddening and complex structure of love, she speaks about the toil that it can take on her. In the end, her need for a special someone is unaffected by what is required from the rougher sides of being in love.

This new EP captures entrepreneurial growth in her production skills and lyrical composition. With a rookie to expert origin story and a persistent contribution to the Jungle music scene, her work is truly going to make a serious impact.

You can catch Nia on tour in March and April, when she will be stopping in London, Manchester, Brighton, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.

Listen to the EP below.

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