All Thru The Night – Interplanetary Criminal

Arriving on the UK house underground with a bang, Interplanetary Criminal was a name firmly on the lips of those in the know. Steadily building a reputation as an artist worth keeping an eye on with a slew of releases on some of the hottest tastemaker labels around including Shall Not Fade, UK stalwart Sneaker Social Club and Mall Grab’s Hot Haus Records his productions had earned him huge support from those in the industry for their house dancefloor focused sound underpinned with elements of classic garage sound sprinkled throughout his tracks like dust.

This has earned him praise from the club kids and an appreciative nod of approval from those who were there first time round. Interplanetary Criminal had a career and it was bubbling away nicely building to something. Then something came in the shape of B.O.T.A (Baddest Of Them All) his collaboration with vocalist Eliza Rose which surprised well pretty much everyone when it shot straight to the top of the UK charts for two whole weeks back in a particularly hot September. It became an unexpected anthem heard everywhere up and done the UK from festivals to taking over TikTok and was adopted by everyone even those with a slight passing interest in dance music who had to admit it was the very definition of a hit.

To say Zach Bruce has had his life turned upside down since then might be an understatement. He has responded in the only way he knows how he’s let his music do the talking. His next move is not much of a surprise to anyone who has heard his music or seen him live as he links up with legendary UK garage label ‘Locked On’ he’s never hidden his love of garage music and this move only goes further in showcasing it.

Interplanetary Criminal’s first cut from the album is “Don’t Hurt Me” produced in conjunction with Manchester band ‘Porij’ has all the elements of a classic garage tune with a baseline that grabs you straight away. As a whole the compilation acts as the perfect way to showcase and introduce Interplanetary Criminal as an artist to those who, up to this point, were perhaps uninitiated.

Over fifteen tracks including three cuts from the man himself, the compilation sits a raft of up-and-coming producers (Elle Murphy, Bakey, Ollie Rant, Frazer Ray) alongside some of the most established names in UK garage (Todd Edwards) — working so well as a package it leaves you wondering why artists don’t do releases like this more often.

As always with Interplanetary Criminal expect the unexpected. One things for sure though he’s about to go stratospheric, strap yourselves in for the ride. Interplanetary Criminal is a man on a mission.

Check out the compilation below.

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