Catching up with Stockholm’s Bella Boo

With her brand new EP ‘Looney Talks’ out now on Studio Barnhaus we caught up with Stockholm’s Bella Boo to find out everything about her latest EP, what inspired her most club and dancefloor focused release to date, 2023 plans and much more.

What inspired this EP?

All the dancers win the world! I wanted to make something for the dance floor – something I can DJ. I felt it was a gap between my productions and the way I DJ, stepping out of my comfort zone in the studio trying to push myself into a new direction. I wanted to put some madness into it, instead of the comforting vibes I usually bring.

How did the production on this EP differ from your previous releases? Do you start with clear ideas of the sound your looking for is it less structured?

I had a clear idea in terms of drums not being generic. I finished my demos together with Axel Boman in the Barnhus studio – and this is something new to me, for my solo project I’m used to be the only producer in the room. It was really inspiring and it allowed me to be more brave than I think I would of been by myself.

How is 2023 shaping up for you releases and touring wise?

Working hard this spring to finish my second solo album – trying to make it to feel like a big warm hug – kind of the opposite of this EP ha!

In your early years going out in Stockholm was there a particular DJ who inspired you or a memorable night where you thought I want to do that?

SVEK & Studio Barnhus has been my local inspiration, and I can recall a very special night / morning in the woods with Cajmere playing – I think Kornél organised and played that party too.

You’ve collaborated with a range of people across a range of projects what is the best thing about collaborating?

The mixed vibes adding up to one!

If you could have more time in the studio to produce or more shows DJing live which would it be?

Thing is, the two are really feeding each other – I love doing both!!

What are you looking forward to most in 2023? Studio time in March on a personal level, and peace around the world If you could convey any message to your audience with your music what would it be?

Be nice & feel free.

Any further Charlie Charlie releases/live shows planned?

We are working in a slow steady pace towards a new album.

If someone asked you to play one of your songs that best described you as an artist who one would it be?

From this EP I think, Dancehall! From my back catalogue, that’s a really hard question – but maybe I would put on Way Chill from my debut album?!!

What was the first moment where you realised you could make a career out of music?

It’s been a process – I kept my day job for a long time to make sure :))

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