LUXE – Mineral & Moss [Planet Euphorique]

Described by Bandcamp as ‘5 sleek cuts of liquescent club music that dissolve boundaries of genre, dabble in speeds and dance’, we can confirm LUXE’s brand new project is nothing short of a dance masterclass. Having exploded onto the scene last year, 2023 has already been of equal class with a release on Dansu Discs and now Planet Euphorique with her ‘Mineral & Moss’ EP. To find out more about this mesmerising release, we caught up with the rapid-rising talent to talk through the new release.

How’s things? What have you been getting up to recently?

Alongside lots of exciting shows I’ve been concentrating on the release of a couple of records including this one, and also some composing work I’ve been doing on an exciting film – all to be revealed soon.

To a first time listener, how would you describe your sound?

Organic, musically cohesive, full, bubbly.

Can you name a few London-based emerging artists who we should be keeping an eye on this year?

A couple of names, mi-el and alicia.

Your forthcoming EP “Mineral & Moss” is a wicked record. Firstly, where did the name for the project come from?

The name was inspired by the record being grounded in elements of the natural world.

Can you tell us more about the main inspirations behind the EP?

When writing the record I felt really connected to images of nature, forests, glades, rivers and organic elements, as well as a strong sense of femininity and the nuanced existence of femme people in general. These elements and things are often passing through my head and things that I feel very connected to. I wanted to create a journey through a mythical land filled with mythical femme energies, however that may manifest itself in your imagination.

What was the overall creative and production process behind it?

The creative process was very organic and to be honest quite intense, the majority of the record was written in about 4 or 5 days – I felt such a strong sense of creative flow that I’d never felt before at the time so I wanted to make the most of it, and the result was this record!

If you had to pick a favourite track from the project, which one would it be and why?!

It’s really hard for me to pick but if I had to I think I’d say my favourite would be Pixie Swamp. It’s different to anything I’d written before, and for me it really conjures its namesake – I went in on the sound design and I love how it feels really aquatic and submerged in a layer of water… or swamp.

The EP comes via D.Tiffany’s label Planet Euphorique. How did this come about?

My darling friend Sadie (Angel D’lite) was hanging with Sophie (D. Tiff) and she put on my record and Sophie vibed with it!

Where can we catch you over the coming months? What’s next for LUXE?

I’m starting a new radio residency on Rinse FM which I’m super excited about. I’ve got lots of exciting shows in Belfast, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Barcelona to name a few. I’m also working on a bigger body of work and a lot of other composing projects.

One track you have on repeat at the moment?

Henzo – ‘Finola Shake’

Listen to ‘Mineral & Moss’ below:

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