Blawan releases brand new five-track EP ‘Dismantled Into Juice’ via XL Recordings

Blawan releases Dismantled Into Juice, the highly anticipated follow-up EP to Woke Up Right Handed.

Out now via XL Recordings, Dismantled Into Juice started with captivating original vocal cuts from rising singer Monstera Black and evolved into five tracks that are Blawan’s most riveting and genre-bending to date.

On Dismantled Into Juice, Blawan effortlessly flickers between instrumentals and vocal-led songs that flex a deep technical ability and see him transcend the “techno” box he has so often been put in. Bringing in distorted drum rhythms, piercing synths, unbelievable drums, and original vocal cuts, Dismantled Into Juice present the very best of the multifaceted productions that Jamie Roberts has been fastidiously perfecting across the last decade as Blawan.

Dismantled into Juice is now available digitally worldwide. The 12” vinyl is available to pre-order now, ahead of its release on 9 June 2023. For more information head

Check out “Dismantled into Juice” here.

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