LSDXOXO to launch new label with forthcoming EP ‘Delusions Of Grandeur (D.O.G.)’

LSDXOXO set to launch new label Fantasy Audio Group (F.A.G.) with a brand new seven-track EP due September 22nd.

Lead single ‘Double Tap’ announces the EP, ripping into pummelling electro with a Detroit-minded veneer and a sharp line in double entendres, toying with our vulnerabilities and taboos with glee. A slamming electro workout schooled in the Detroit ghettotech tradition and shot through with the lurid lyrical play to match.

“Delusions of Grandeur was created as a bridging of worlds for what people know my sound to be and what it will become over the span of my next few projects,” LSD explains about his latest release. “Electroclash and 90s vocal rave have always been some of my biggest musical inspirations, but I’ve allowed those influences to take a front seat in the crafting of this EP.”

Philly-born, Berlin-based RJ Glasgow’s rise has been meteoric, from his breakthrough years in New York’s GHE20GOTH1K parties to landmark EPs on XL Recordings. The secret lies in his ability to straddle upfront pop hooks with deadly underground club nous, wrapped up in a big bow of devilishly sex-positive self-belief that communicates to everyone’s inner demon.

Remixing for bonafide legends Lady Gaga, Pink Pantheress and Shygirl and collaborating with VTSS, Eartheater and Tygapaw, Glasgow has also lent his extraordinary producer skills to Kelela for her recent ‘Raven’ LP on Warp. Currently, he is exploring the pillars of his distinctive sound through his May residency on BBC Radio 1.

Check out “Double Tap” below:

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