DJ MELL G announces debut solo LP ‘ISSUES’ with brand new single

On 20th July Hamburg-based artist DJ MELL G will deliver the first solo release on her label JUICY GANG RECORDS.

ISSUES conveys her personal experience of Borderline Personality Disorder, through a musical narrative of electro. 

Borderline Personality Disorder affects how a person thinks and feels about themselves and others, causing challenges in everyday life. In the short span of two years, DJ MELL G has followed a gradual rise to becoming an in-demand and innovative talent with an internationally-recognised profile to match. However, she has faced mental health issues along the way.

DJ MELL G uses the phrase “loops” to describe the moments when she is caught in a vicious cycle of self-doubt, fear, feeling strange in her own body and shutting out close friends and colleagues around her.

“It’s kind of like riding a roller coaster,” she explains. “Everything is okay for a short time; then it starts again. I hate myself so much for being the way I am and why I never have my feelings under control. After that, everything happens all over again, and you go completely crazy. You know it will stop again at some point, but it seems impossible while you are in the loop.”

ISSUES is a powerful and honest portrayal of DJ MELL G’s story of understanding and managing her mental health in the music industry, while also questioning and breaking the broader issues of stigma towards BPD.

The LP illustrates her creative path and self-reflection, conveyed through lyrics, track titles and specific cadences. By writing and producing music about her own experiences with BPD, she intends to bring awareness and empower others to speak out, exchange and create a meaningful dialogue. 

Check out single “ISSUES (INTRO)” below;

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