London’s Fredwave delivers scintillating new single ‘Sleep’

British producer, songwriter and artist Fredwave unleashes electric new single entitled ‘Sleep’.

Hot on the heels of the hyper-imaginative “LA LA”, Fredwave serves up a new heater in “Sleep” — pitched-up, distorted vocal samples layered over glitchy, punchy electronica and anchored in by a neck-snapping bassline showcases a distinctive new angle to Fred’s sound. Flickers of influences from Jai Paul and early Flume feel evident, but the golden-era rap undertones and brass samples gives this a distinctly Fredwave signature.    

Masterminding the entire spectrum of his musical output, from production to vocals to art direction, Fredwave has blazed one of the most quietly impressive, cultured paths in contemporary UK music since his emergence into the scene in 2016 with the viral “99” and 2017’s masterful A COLORS SHOW freestyle. Fredwave’s drip-flow of releases has seen him cultivate a true cult following, with a huge amount of anticipation surrounding his new work.

Meanwhile consistent collaborations with some of the brightest UK talent in KAM-BU, Jeshi — the pair teamed up for “Another Cigarette” and “Violence” on Jeshi’s critically acclaimed project Universal Credit – and p-rallel for the trio’s hit “Believe” (2M Spotify streams) Fredwave continues an active talent courted by many.    

With a keen interest in the fashion world, Fredwave has already worked with some of the most influential houses, writing multiple scores for Louis Vuitton, A-COLD-WALL as well as more recently with the breakthrough cult UK brand Corteiz. Scoring the short film ‘Dancing Before The Moon’ for La Biennale di Venezia’s International Architecture Exhibition alongside Oscar #worldpeace, a recent advert for The V&A Museum sitting alongside Central Cee’s ‘LIVE YOURS’ film for his worldwide tour.

Check out “Sleep” here.

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