Junction 2 release three new stage designs in partnership with illustrator Doug John Miller

Photographer: http://www.lukedyson.com

Junction 2, known as the trailblazer of underground music festivals, is gearing up to ignite the sonic landscape once again with the revelation of three groundbreaking stages, promising an extraordinary journey for the discerning music aficionado.

Designed by the team at Junction 2 but bought to life by esteemed illustrator Doug John Miller, Junction 2 proudly introduces the Grid, Quad, and Blackout stages, each meticulously designed to transport attendees to uncharted realms of audiovisual splendor.

At the heart of the festival, the Grid stage emerges with an unparalleled lineup, boasting the crème de la crème of the industry. Prepare for performances from luminaries such as Underworld, Mall Grab b2b Skin on Skin, Adam Beyer & Cirez D, Nabihah Iqbal, and the captivating Max Cooper (Live). Combining immaculate soundscapes with mesmerising visuals, this stage promises an electrifying experience. With towering speakers reaching over and into the crowd, this stage will provide uninterrupted sound from any point and create some of the most memorable sets from the festival.

The Quad is inspired by the legacy of 80s touring lighting techniques and the grandeur of stadium aesthetics. Towering structures adorned with over 100 beams of light will serve as the backdrop for two remarkable partners throughout the weekend. On Friday, the legendary Phonica Records will curate an immersive audio voyage delving deep into the realms of electronic music. And on Saturday, brace yourself for the sonic revolution of FUSE, delivering an unparalleled fusion of cutting-edge sounds and unbridled energy.

The Blackout stage promises a sensory feast crafted in collaboration with Ticketswap and visionary Japanese artist Manami Sakamoto. Spanning 120 meters of semi-permeable video panelling, this multi-layered visual installation pushes the boundaries of perception. Enter the fully blacked-out tunnel enclosure, where the pulsating sounds of DJ Stingray b2b Objekt, Kettama, Dax J, FJAAK, Sama’ Abdulhadi, will guide you through a labyrinth of hypnotic beats and immersive art.

Spanning across Friday, July 21st and Saturday, July 22nd, this immersive experience unveils a curated lineup that reads like a who’s who of the electronic music.

Check out the stages below;

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