Artist Spotlight: [ K S R ]

Manchester’s very own [ K S R ] has been busy building a name for himself across the UK in recent years. Widely regarded as one of the UK’s most exciting soul vocalists, with his releases encompassing an eclectic assortment of genres including R&B, future soul, hip hop and D&B, the youngster has already brushed shared the stage with the likes of Mica Miller, Pip Millet and Etta Bond, performing shows at venues such as the Blues Kitchen, as well as playing a slew of festivals across Europe.

Fresh from his most recent single “Drop In”, just his second release in 2023, [ K S R ] continues to gear up towards his highly-anticipated forthcoming project alongside producer Teo. Following his brand new cut, we were able to catch up with the rising star…

How’s things? What have you been getting up to recently?   

I’m in a good place to be honest. Been working my on some new stuff with Teo for almost 2 years now and we’re getting to a place where we felt like it was the right time to put some stuff out. 

To a first-time listener, how would you describe your sound?   

I’d describe my music as soulful, chilled and nostalgic.

How did you find your way into music? 

I got introduced into music by some many people that we can be here all day if i’m being real! Time Elijah was one of a few people who brought me along with him to his studio session and continually encouraged me to sing and explore my sound. Also having to give Children of Zeus a big mention. They were one of a few guys who just gave me crazy support, knowledge and game; took me on their tour when at time I didn’t have much to offer as an artist but showed mad faith me.

Can you tell us about a couple of Manchester-based emerging artists who we should be keeping an eye on this year and next? 

If you haven’t already heard of The KTNA then you should check them out. My personal favourite is Smile. If you want hear bars in Manchester i’m currently listening to Abnormal Sleepz. He’s got a new project called Gino’s LP which is worth a listen.

Your recent track “Drop In” is another captivating offering. Firstly, what’s the meaning behind the track name? 

Drop in is about the acceptance of love. We’re all connected to someone on a deeper level and comes with a lot of trust. Friends. Family. Lover. Being able to just pick up the phone to your loved one and ask them how they are doing? if they have eaten today etc. It’s a small gesture that we as humans don’t really appreciate a lot.

What was the overall creative and production process behind it? 

The process was fairly relaxed. Me & Teo don’t really do anything crazy in the studio. we talk loads about life & music. I remember at the time Teo just had keys on a loop and my first words just being “I know that i’ve been gone a while…” from there it just took off.

This is the second release taken from your forthcoming project. Can you tell us more about this? 

All i can say really is that Me & Teo have been cooking up some good music for you guys

Three tracks you have on repeat at the moment?

Destin Conrad – “DAY DREAM”

Amaarae – “Princess Going Digital”

Tendai – “Not Around”

Check out “Drop In” below:

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