Anastasia Kristensen announces new EP and launches own label ‘absorb emit’

Photographer: Laura Dester

Copenhagen-based DJ and producer, Anastasia Kristensen, has announced a new EP “Cordyceps Disco”, due out on 14th November 2023. The announcement comes alongside new namesake single.

This will be the first release on her new label absorb emit, marking a bold new chapter for Kristensen.

The new EP marks the next chapter in Kristensen’s artistic development, stepping away from the close and personal nature of her previous work, instead reflecting a broader sentiment of the post-pandemic climate.

“Cordyceps Disco” is set in a romanticised future, allowing listeners to come to the dancefloor and let go of their fears for the millennium to come; of climate anxiety and hypercapitalism. Lightly inspired by the sci-fi futures in Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov novels, and taking its name after the brain-eating fungi in the recent series The Last of Us, “Cordyceps Disco” imagines a future dancefloor where listeners can forget about reality and be completely immersed in a beautifully dark yet uplifting atmosphere.

Pre-orders for the 12” vinyl of the ‘Cordyceps Disco EP’ are available here.

Check out the “Cordyceps Disco” single below:

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