Arca releases self-directed music video for ‘Incendio’

Ever-evolving artist Arca releases brand new, self-directed video for “Incendio“.

The visual piece captures a raw performance of Arca from the Armory stage, featuring custom technology from Japanese artist Daito Manabe, who collaborated with Arca on the creation of a radical device that converts music signals into electrical signals.

Manabe explains: “Through myoelectric sensors attached to Arca’s face, we can use technology to intricately, and at times violently, control and transform her expressions. Despite these technological constraints, Arca delivers a powerful performance, offering herself as a vessel, happily enjoying the pleasure and the pain of each rhythmic shock.”

Directed by Arca, Mutant;Destrudo congregates the artists close friends and collaborators including Daito Manabe and Rhizomatiks, visual artist Carlos SáezUnax LaFuente and Sam RolfesTristan Shone, LandscapeBronze4DSound and more (full list here), to create a shared space for the deconstruction of preconceptions. 

The video also premiered at Mutant;Destrudo, her four-night performance series commissioned by the Park Avenue Armory, which concluded on Sunday, October 15th.

Check out the new video below:

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