Newham’s Zino Vinci drops off poignant debut EP ‘Filthy & Disgusting’

Following a string of versatile singles, rapid-rising Newham-based rapper and artist Zino Vinci unleashes his debut EP Filthy & Disgusting.

Consisting of six immaculately produced tracks, London’s next up Zino Vinci demonstrates why he is recognised as one of the brightest MC’s in the capital. From the WIZE-produced grime-drill infused track “CEO Of The Friendship Group” and the more sombre “First Time” to the nostalgic cut “Tamagotchi Crocs”, Zino Vinci paints a picture of London life and personal experiences through his natural ease on the mic atop sleek productions from the likes of Earbuds, Cole Yours Truly, Mont Jake, Piro and 169.

Check out the EP below and listen on all platforms here.

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