DJ Heartstring & Narciss – Why Can’t We Live Forever?

Having worked together before on Seductive Edits Vol. 1 back in 2021, DJ HEARTSTRING and Narciss team up once again for their long awaited, and utterly irresistible, Why Can’t We Live Forever? EP. Listening to the record, it has to be said that it has been been well worth the wait, and it feels so good hearing what they have come up with this time. 

While both artists have been making waves solo for a while now now with their high energy music, the return of DJ HEARTSTRING and Narciss is a reason to celebrate, and their brilliantly executed techno/ trance/ eurodance/ pop hybrid is something to be savoured, and you will be swept away with this release. 

Why Can’t We Live Forever? is four tracks of upbeat, soulful and simply euphoric music that is destined to light up these forthcoming dreary winter times with its irresistibly feelgood vibes from start to finish.

“Heartbreak Repair System” gets things going and doesn’t waste any time in reintroducing the sound of sheer euphoria that both artists do so well — you won’t be able to get rid of the smile from your face as you let the track engulf you with its  euphoric aura. This feeling doesn’t let up as the rest of the tracks detonate that familiar feeling as “While U Sleep”, “East Bridge Romance” and the title track build and build, encapsulating a blissful experience.

All four tracks on the EP are produced perfectly and it is such a high octane experience with the right amount of melody, catchy beats, piano stabs, pop sensibilities and irresistible vocal harmonies all joining together in perfect harmony.

With Why Can’t We Live Forever?, DJ HEARTSTRING and Narciss have done it one again, creating such utterly joyful music. Hopefully they will work together in the future again, especially if the results are as breathtaking as these four tracks. 

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