Bottega Veneta Unveils Pre-Spring 2024 Campaign

Luxury Fashion House Bottega Veneta serves up a refreshing glimpse of future fashion with its pre-spring 2024 campaign.

Widely renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and timeless, the Italian brand Bodega Veneta deliver once again, tapping into Matthieu Blazy’s playful use of textiles to create reimagined and modern high fashion. Successfully creating clothes that are relatively unserious, Blazy has been busy taking inspiration from a recent trip home to his childhood wardrobe, referencing the likes of a crab print dress that his sister used to wear.

On closer inspection, the new 2024 collection is highlighted by a striking plaid coat for men boasting a detailed pattern interwoven with muted earth tones. The lapels, hint at traditional design but when paired with classic underpinnings, it exemplifies Bottega Veneta’s skill in merging the classic with the contemporary. Also featuring in the campaign is a textured men’s double-breasted blazer, and a fur paired counterpart for women in a vibrant yellow plaid, bringing together warmth, comfort, and high fashion.

Speaking to Vogue, Matthieu Blazy stated: “With the team, we talked a lot about what makes individuals special, the pieces they wear and the pieces that tell a story—the pieces, sometimes, that are a bit off, something that feels very personal, what makes you different from others.”

To shop the new collection, visit the Bottega Veneta website.

Drag through the collection below:

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