Photographer: +Jay Aaron

Listen to a playlist for when you’re in your feelings by Zino Vinci

When talking about the most exciting rappers coming out of London right now, Newham-native Zino Vinci has got to be up there. Carefully crafting his sound over the last couple of years, 2023 has proven to be a milestone year for the Londoner, having just released his official debut EP Filthy & Disgusting. Spanning six immaculately produced tracks, Zino Vinci flexes his seamless delivery — from the WIZE-produced grime-drill infused track “CEO Of The Friendship Group” and the more sombre “First Time” to the nostalgic cut “Tamagotchi Crocs”, the Newham rising star paints a raw picture of London life and personal experiences through his natural ease on the mic atop sleek productions from the likes of Earbuds, Cole Yours Truly, Mont Jake, Piro and 169.

Taking a step back from his own music for a minute, Zino Vinci selects a number of tracks for when you’re in your feelings. Spanning the likes of tendai, Glasshousetenant and Odeal, tune in if you’re feeling…

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