Mbius – Ethernal 02

Daydream Records are a hugely exciting French label focussed on forceful, yet groovy house music. Working with the best up and coming talents, the group seeks to offer an intelligent and efficient vision of electronic music, providing perfectly balanced DJ cuts that lie somewhere between spacey dream sounds and powerful bouncy rhythms. The Daydream adventure began in 2017 with the intention of providing beautiful and unique house records. Founding member Clement has been largely influenced by minimal house producers such as Janeret, Diego, iO Mulen and Varhat, to name a few, which is deeply reflected within the Daydream philosophy. Boasting a close knit family full of vinyl lovers who share a passion for strong beats and floaty sounds, it is no surprise that the label is well and truly on the rise.

A testament to the Daydream team who work with tireless dedication in order for us listeners to hear the best house music one can find. In fact, just when we thought things couldn’t get any better over in Paris, Daydream have recently widened their house influence even further, establishing a fresh sublabel called Ethernal. Launched in 2019, the new project seeks to focus on the micro side of house with a more intimate approach. Producing hand stamped records that contain three original tracks and a remix, the music is slightly rawer than the normal Daydream style… but never loses touch with the tasty and groovy vibes. To understand the true meaning, take a look at their forthcoming record.

For only their second release, Ethernal have continued to work with Mbius, a young prodigy hailing from Leipzig who is active in various collectives such as Waldbrand and Inar. Providing a hugely successful first release Ethernal 01, the second volume offers three beautifully crispy soundtracks with a Nick Beringer bonus on the remix. An inspiration and a good friend to both Daydream and Mbius. The record twists and turns through some of the best micro house, with the German producer providing intricate and hypnotic modular sounds throughout. The first track Jose offers a straight rolling minimal house jack with the occasional distortive sample, whilst the follow ups 6th Sense and Bleep Till You Bleed provide more groove ridden sounds with a slightly trippier edge. To conclude, Nick Beringer delivers a strong dub remix that caps off a rather stunning release. 

Ethernal 02 will be available over the coming weeks in a very limited hand stamped edition, distributed by Subwax. You can pre-order the record at various shops such as Phonica Records or Juno Records.

As for Daydream, the music never stops. Look out for their next record Daydream 09, a collection that welcomes brand new talented members to the family.

A1. Jose
A2. 6th Sense
B1. Bleep Till You Bleed
B2. Jose (Nick Beringer Dub)
[Released: 24.06.20 on Daydream]

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