Apricot Ballroom – Ballroom Edits One

Apricot Ballroom is an audiophile sound system and psychedelic party, with a newly formed record label running alongside. The hugely popular party has now been running in Sheffield for just over two years, having built their sound system over the last year. After throwing multiple parties, the system is currently undergoing some work, but residing at the core is a pair of Klipschorn loudspeakers and a single 40W Meridian amplifier, creating an exhilarating and loud experience. The collective also uses a bozak rotary mixer with a pair of Goodmans mid units, all combining to create their enormously unique sound. The party is based on David Mancuso’s ‘Love Saves The Day’ loft parties in New York. Apricot Ballroom use the same speakers (Klipschorns) and have based the ethos in a similar frame, which is one of love, acceptance and community. Like Mancuso, they initially ran the party on an invite-only system, but relaxed this a year later after the group felt the community around the party had been established. The team always had in mind a party where you see similar (if not the same) faces when attending, thus creating a sort of vibrant house party but in a club. 

The brand new label has been set up to run alongside the night, and is a cross-section of the genres and types of music that is played at the events. The main focus is around boogie, funk, reggae and jazz music, but the group are always on the lookout for anything that sets a party off. Essentially everything psychedelic that bangs on an audiophile system. The first release is aptly called Ballroom Edits One, and is a four-track compilation with sounds from musical hosts Nonna Fab and Joi La Frique, alongside well renowned Sheffield selector and producer Lancaster Bomber, and Soviet Cuts alumni Beard In Dust. Expect a wonderful selection of high quality hifi-certified music that is guaranteed to make any dance floor boogie. If you’d like to keep up to date with the Apricot Ballroom movements, check out their website: www.apricotballroom.co.uk

To get your hands on one of these awesome records, head over to Bandcamp

A1. Joi La Frique – Family Rally
A2. Beard In Dust – Calypso Boy
B1. Nonna Fab – Tension (Release Mix)
B2. Lancaster Bomber – African Sauna
[Released: 01.01.21]

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