System Revival – For Beirut, The End of Corruption

This compilation has been put together as a fundraiser for the people of Beirut, where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to relief and support organisations on the ground in Beirut. In the aftermath of an explosion at the city’s main port exactly one month ago, there was an unthinkable amount of damage to the city of Beirut, displacing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. As well as this, there was the huge destruction of infrastructure and buildings throughout the city, including many cultural spaces such as heritage sites, museums, hospitals and studios. Of course, not only this but there were many civilians left injured, homeless and hungry who now act in survival mode. 

The amount of support for this project has already been immense. It contains a mix of music from a whole host of artists residing all over the world with the sole purpose of raising as much money as possible for people on the ground, volunteering day in day out with international organisations to support the people most affected in Beirut. Featuring 31 fantastic tracks, the quality of artists within this compilation is mesmerising and includes very exciting names such as Manni Dee, Nur Jaber, Charles Green, Scarlit Port and Huseyin Evirgen. Although we can’t mention everyone, there are some serious tunes suited for every occasion. If you would like to check the whole compilation out, please visit Bandcamp here.

​Credit to all involved, from the musicians to the editors and to those over in Beirut <3

A1. Arad – AChers of Pain
A2. Charles Green – Cloudless Sky
B1. Charlton – Endless Year
B2. Cocktail Party Effect – Watershed
[Releasing: 03.09.20]

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