MRD – Superwoman 2.0

MRD is a relatively new figure within the techno sphere who has been touted to be one of, if not the most, exciting prospects within the Norwegian club scene. As one of the most played techno artists in 2020, MRD has consistently released powerful music over the past two years, totalling six EP’s; two via established label ARTS and four via his very own imprint Auto. Amongst this includes his most recent record Flowers Of Flesh And Blood, an epic five-track EP that incorporates a variety of elements such as darkwave, trance and techno. Utilising new and darkwave samples, each track hits the 140 BPM mark, giving it a nostalgic techno sound that will hit you hard. MRD’s overall soundtrack tends to fall within the melodic, uncompromising, hard and honest genres, mixing in variants of new wave, hardcore, ambient and dark techno to create some rather stunning masterpieces. Whether you’re after a dark techno groover or a melodic 80s type track, MRD has it all to offer. 

Following up another hugely popular record Superwoman, MRD is about to debut on ARTSCORE with a stunning release that combines new wave, hard drums and melancholic vocals. Superwoman 2.0 EP contains emotional vibes and energetic grooves that combine to create an explosive seven-track thriller that will no doubt be heard in clubs around the world. It is an EP that fully cements MRD’s status within the techno movement. Released on the 25th September, you can buy digitally and listen on Bandcamp.

A1. Superwoman
A2. Oslo
B1. Lost Friends
B2. Full Clip
+ more
[Released: 05.10.20 on ARTS]

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