Blazej Malinowski – States of Consciousness

Blazej Malinowski is Polish producer and radio journalist based in Berlin. As a collector of vinyl, most of Malinowski’s work stems from an obsession with deep and atmospheric techno which lays the foundation for all of his music. Over the past few years Malinowski has founded the likes of Why So Silent, an audio/visual project which showcases live techno performances with silent movies in the background and has co-founded Funfte Strasse, a platform that includes a radio broadcast and recurring music events. Known for his hypnotic and energetic productions, Malinowski has featured on some of the very best labels within the ambient, deep/hypnotic techno realm with past releases coming on The Gods Planet, Kontrafaktum, Semantica, SIlent Season and now the prestigious vinyl-only label Kvalia.

The Swedish-based label, Kvalia, resurfaces with its 003 release, featuring Blazej Malinowski. The three-track EP is called States Of Consciousness, and takes the listener on a quest into the hypnotic and deep techno soundscapes that are quintessential Malinowski. Expect three dynamic soundtracks , starting with a smooth flowing A-side followed by a B-side containing two darker gems. This is a must have. Out 4th December 2020. Purchase and listen.

A1. State Of Consciousness
B1. Control
B2. Distorted
[Released: 04.12.20]

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