Malcolm – Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit

Malcolm is a franco-scottish producer and voracious record digger who constantly proclaims his love for rich and contrasting sounds which are always full of ethereal atmospheres. Having released his first EP Baptem on Biologic earlier this year, Malcolm is back with a second called Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit. This four-track record was composed in the spring of quarantine and explores various tempos and moods whilst maintaining a deeply immersive and psychedelic vibe throughout. Malcolm blends his cinematic and heavy bass signature sound with the energies of punk, drum and bass, the darkness of techno and rave culture to produce a rather radical and mind-blowing record.

Also featuring on the record is Lyon-based producer Gil.Barte (aka Markus Gibb founder of Kump Records) who adds his swampy synths, sordid soundscapes and modular layers to the hybrid belter Final Boss, and Berlin-based drum mastermind Aquarian, who delivers a long and savage mutant-jungle reinterpretation by layering textures and basses into a beautiful hardcore bolero. As the founder of Global Warming Records, which has curated several projects from established artists such as Ouai Stephane, Jon Beige, N-ERGY and Sordid Sound System, this thirteenth release is the first of Malcolm’s very own. Listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

A1. Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit
A2. Final Boss (feat Gil.Barte)
B1. Ddddddrrrruuuugggggsssss
B2. Everyone Knows Malcolm Is Full Of Shit (Aquarian Remix)

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