Sharad Sood & Liziuz – Drone Operations

Sharad Sood is a Berlin-based artist and experimentalist who specialises in dark, moody and atmospheric techno. Focusing on the need to explore various forms of sound synthesis, grooves and song structures, Sood minimises creative and technical limitations whilst taking inspiration from any possible source of his environment. For his latest release, Sood is joined by Liziuz, a new and emerging talent from the contemporary Berlin electronic underground. In a similar sense, Liziuz isolates himself in solitude and meticulously crafts log-form landscapes that are simultaneously both industrial and psychedelic. Together, the pair have formed an unformidable partnership to give us something along the lines of Drone Operations released on Atmophile Electronics. 

Containing four immaculate techno cuts, Drone Operations attempts to break down the barriers of experimental and drone, while keeping the traditional techno kicks at bay. The pair work in tandem for their opening track aptly named Drones & Moisture, and for number three A Whoe Nation Disliking The Letter H, both productions providing a mesmerizing trip full of swirling drone and synths. Sood takes charge of A2 with a slightly more upbeat yet dark and trippy track, while for B2 Liziuz rounds the record off with the most percussive track on the release that would not look out of place on any dance floor. Listen to our premiere of Operator on the Soundcloud link. Enjoy!

A1. Drones & Moisture
A2. Vactrol Love & Thunder Cunt
B1. A Whoe Nation Disliking The Letter H
B2. Operator

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