Tano – In Armatura 002 [In Armatura]

Following his debut self-released ‘In Armatura 001’ EP and an appearance on P Leone’s E-MISSIONS in 2020, Tano has gone on to pick up support from some of dance music’s most discerning tastemakers such as Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, and Re:ni, all within his first year of releasing music.

Across the five tracks on his second offering, Tano traverses a variety of tempos, moods, and atmospheres, displaying a knack for crafting diverse and off-kilter dance music optimised for sound systems. Opener ‘Granita’ begins with a lush choral haze, delving into deep low end with scattered percussive elements, while ‘Ready, Conminciamo’ follows suit with fluttering pads and vocal chops engulfing the stereo field around bouncing drums.

‘Final Step’ sees Tano play with various FX over a crunching, percussive backdrop and ‘No Days Off (Coqui of Life)’ matches liquid field recordings with breakbeats as emotive pads drift late into the night. Closing track ‘Calle Loiza’ slows to a snail’s pace, fusing elements of dancehall, reggaeton, and dembow into a low slung head-nodder peppered with light animal sounds to round off a thrilling EP.

“In Armatura 002” is out now and is available to buy and listen on Bandcamp.

1. Granita
2. Ready, Cominciamo
3. Final Step
4. No Days Off (Coqui of Life)
5. Calle

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