James K – 036 [AD 93]

Over the years, the New York native multi-disciplinary artist James K has quietly honed her peculiar aesthetic, working across sound, visual art, performance, feminist theory, and writing. Deeply rooted in a conscious art practice and a mythology of her own, James K often carefully overlaps fragmented elements from each of these mediums, creating hybrid works that can exist across platforms—from live experiences, to video, albums, printed media, manifestos, or combinations thereof. 

Equally organic and electronic, her sound is a combination of odd dreams, layered textures, and vocals, both incomprehensible and appealing — forming a multi-faceted identity. James K is a concentrated dose of emotion, which in turn ties together ripped, broken, morphed and enchanted samples. James K has established herself within the New York and Berlin scenes of experimental artists and musicians and has released her music with labels PAN, Dial, 1080p, UNO NYC, and her own label, She Rocks!. She has also released collaborative work with artists such as Drew Mcdowall, Yves Tumor, Mykki Blanco, and Gobby, as their band SETH. She has toured through the US and Europe extensively, performing for a variety of audiences; from underground spaces and basements, to established galleries, museums, venues, festivals, and theaters.

Her latest release “036” features five tracks of stunning samples that continue to explore the full electronica spectrum. This beautiful record takes the listener on an intergalactic journey, kicked off by a remix from the esteemed Yves Tumor.

In James K’s words: “I don’t know what’s going on, I’m sorry I can’t make it out. Hello? hello? Am I dreaming or is it a show?”

“036” is out now and is available to buy and listen on Bandcamp.

1. Open (feat. Yves Tumor)
2. Ultra Facial!
3. Everyrose
4. Subliminal Burn
5. I Can Not Remember

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