Donato Dozzy & Daniele Di Gregorio – Buchla & Marimba [Maga Circe Musica]

Master Italian minimalist Donato Dozzy meets percussionist Daniele Di Gregorio on the first trip for Maga Circe Musica, a new label established by Dozzy and Alicia Carrera. It’s slow and hypnotic exposition lies somewhere between Daniel Schmidt’s gorgeous “In My Arms, Many Flowers”, Reichian Minimalism and Raster Noton’s classic, pristine grid-worship.

“Buchla & Marimba” extends Dozzy’s increasingly experimental vectors into floor-adjacent forms of rhythm-driven minimalism that harkens back to Steve Reich’s phasing rhythmelodies and the kind of sublime experiments explored by Daniel Schmidt & The Berkley Gamelan, also converging influence from the jazz genius of Don Cherry and the organic electro-acoustic works of Jonathan Fitoussi.

In the words of Ivo D’Antonio: “The sound of the Buchla sets the pace and unfolds in a circular, robotic way, while the marimba winds its light sinuous way and the cymbals and percussions enrich a minimal structure that still makes space for solos and melody. It is an organic embrace which owes a great deal to improvised jazz and almost aspires to be the voice and the natural continuation of Don Cherry in a transposition where sounds seem to reverberate within a mirror room”.

“Buchla & Marimba” is out now and is available to buy and listen on Bandcamp.

1. Sessione 1
2. Sessione 2
3. Sessione 3
4. Sessione 4
5. Sessione 5
6. Sessione 6

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