Black Girl / White Girl

Black Girl / White Girl are making a name for themselves by combining their taste for raw and rousing music in the fields of acid, techno, house, electro and more. They channel this alongside influence from their respective Curacaoan and Israeli heritage, crafting tracks and sets that are packed full of potent sounds and are able to keep dancefloors enthralled while veering in unexpected directions. Together, they are a couple based in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam and have become a force to be reckoned with. Their knack for crafting craggy acid and jackin’ techno is only outmatched by the palpable collaborative energy they bring in their DJ sets.

Since emerging on the global club circuit, Karin and Ty have become increasingly recognised for lighting up dancefloors with their energetic styles that dips into techno, house, disco, electro and rave territories. Since meeting in 2012, the duo haven’t spent more than a few weeks apart and their bond shows in all of the duo’s productions and sets. Their futuristic, yet firmly rooted DJ sets are filled with unexpected musical curveballs and selections that build a narrative going way beyond limitations of genre, time and space. From appearances in established clubs and warehouses to shows in cutting-edge venues ranging from Bristol based Motion, Berlin’s Watergate and The Block in Tel Aviv. Black Girl / White Girl have blossomed into uncompromising and versatile artists who know exactly how to work the dancers.

Having released music on celebrated imprints such as Relief Records, Of Unsound Mind, Eats Everything and Adres Campo’s EI8HT and Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax, the duo have received huge support from global superstars such as Ben Sims, Truncate, Dave Clarke and Mark Broom. Recent releases include the Cinderella 99 EP delivered on Skream’s very own imprint Of Unsound Mind which received a huge amount of stream time. Their recent enigmatic hit single 101010101 and Physique EP further showcase the pairs touted production prowess, amping up their hot streak of mutant bangers at the intersection of Chicago House and Detroit Techno. 

Despite the global disruption of 2020, Black Girl / White Girl continue their incredibly forceful run of form and steady rise to prominence, gaining support from across the techno community and firmly establishing their strong rep.

1. Annika Wolfe – Give It To Me EP

“What a jam! Loving the dark and seductive energy on Posses3d. The whole record is a timeless journey through electro and techno, with raw percussion loops and mysterious vocals that combine for a seriously potent track. Get ready to go on a trip with this killer EP”

Annika Wolfe has an eclectic taste, which when combined gives her a unique and fresh sound. She usually produces deep, rhythmic and raw elements of techno and it is difficult to pigeon hole her into one narrow sub-genre. Wolfe runs her very own imprint called Akela Recordings on which she has self-released multiple EP’s. As well as this, the Oxnard native has been featured on various blogs such as Deep House, Soundspace, Sector Story and 6am Group. For her latest release, the Southern Californian producer returns from a self-imposed hiatus to deliver a four-track EP that spans across Electro and Techno. Also containing elements of New Wave, the release is on her label Akela and contains unmistakable 80s influences which are unleashed with a contemporary spin. Full of pulsating bass lines, choppy synths and lush pads, this EP is one fabulous electro ride.

A1. Give It To Me
A2. Possess3d
B1. Luv Witch
B2. Gateway

[Released: 12.06.20 on Akela]

2. Jerome Hill – Snake Fight EP

“Track B1 ‘Snap’ is part of the Snake Fight EP – all standout tunes with that 90s techno touch. It’s one for the massive raves with its pounding raw beats, hypnotic melodies and mysterious energy. Jerome is definitely one of our all-time favourite producers, without question. His tunes are simply magnificent and one-of-a-kind”

Jerome Hill has been DJing since 1990, starting out with Hip Hop, Acid House, Breakbeat and Techno. Throughout the mid 90s and beyond, Jerome has become a permanent fixture within the London electronic music scene and has made a name for himself around the world. He is the founder of Don’t Recordings, Fat Hop records and more recently the booming acid house Super Rhythm Trax and hosts a bi-monthly ‘Don’t’ club night in Dalston which has built a strong following of dedicated techno fans. Following on from 2019’s 40th release compilation, Jerome has recently released a four-track EP on his very own imprint Don’t. Not for the faint hearted, Snake Fight EP is a love letter to 90s techno and is full of raw, uncompromising and stripped back techno with just enough funk in the beats.

A1. Cutterface
A2. Return Of The Living 
B1. Snap
B2. Duck Walk

[Released: 27.08.20 on Don’t]

3. Matrixxman – StuxNet

“Cannot get over how insane StuxNet Part I is. A timeless, controlled banger from Charlie, so deep yet so incredibly powerful. That acid squiggle is a perpetual earworm, and this tune will forever be one of the go-to’s in our collection any moment we need to fully f*ck the dancefloor up!”

Alter-ego of Charles McCloud Duff, Matrixxman is known primarily for his work in the techno realm and a musical range that extends well beyond the confines of dance music. Initially honing his skills producing extensively for some of the west coast’s most notorious figures in gangster rap, Matrixxman then began to pursue his passion for Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Word of his diverse production chops spread within the industry, culminating in works with the likes of Depeche Mode on their album spirit. Following multiple top-class releases, Matrixxman has recently dropped his second 12” for the Ghostly imprint, bringing along techno vets Hieroglyphic Being and Silent Servant to deliver a hulking pair of remixes. StuxNet is split into two parts, the first is a deep and driving theme with the second being more percussive, as each section operates independently of the other whilst sharing vital DNA sourced from Duff’s refined hardware techniques.

A1. StuxNet I
A2. StuxNet II
B1. Venetian Mask (Hieroglyphic Being)
B2. The Caravan (Silent Servant Remix)

[Released: 16.03.15 on Spectral Sound]


“LSDXOXO makes exquisite, bangin’ club music, and the tracks on BODY MODS are no exception. Our favourite here is ‘Death Rattle’, with its quick-fire beats, dancehall vocals and bouncy vibes. It literally took us to a parallel universe on a planet way outside our galaxy”

LSDXOXO is a rare artist in the electronic music landscape who has built a fervid following whilst making music entirely on his own terms. Although he has been putting productions out under the name since 2014, this year’s ‘Body Mods’ showcased an urgent brand of mutant Baltimore club music which makes for a truly fabulous listen. Often described as ‘deliciously confrontational’ the New York-based artist and producer often manipulates mainstream sound and applies sex positive narratives to pop culture. One of his most popular releases was BODY MODS, released in 2018. LSDXOXO offered seven chopped and skewed sample-heavy tracks which range from 130bpm to 160bpm and are full of ghettotech, hardcore and footwork. A joy to behold.


+ more…
[Released: 11.01.18]

5. MoMa Ready – SOFT, HARD, BODY EP

“These tunes are straight fire! It’s a profound and spirited cut hovering between house and techno, bringing all the feels with its powerful chords and a mighty vocal leading the whole track. This is an elite banger, carrying the right amount of force to uplift any discerning dancefloor.”

In 2011, Wyatt Stevens, aka MoMa Ready, founded HAUS of ALTR, a platform to display skateboarding videos and sell clothing. Over time, the idea developed into an imprint and MoMa Ready’s love of rave was folded into his passion for skateboarding and visuals. Having now catalogued several releases, MoMa fact recently released his first album Gallery S, which built upon previous records that fuse his love of house, techno, jungle and faster rave styles with a rare, uncynical passion. There is an urgency to all of his productions, an urgency that can be heard in every note which never feels forced or unwieldy. This is evident in his SOFT, HARD, BODY EP released earlier this year. Twelve tracks described as an album that ‘exists as a viscous fluid, when touched at a high velocity, it becomes solid, enabling you to walk on water‘. Enjoy.

A1. A Deep Progression
A2. Freak Sweat
A3. Faith & Release
B1. Push Start, Continue

[Released: 02.08.19 on HAUS of ALTR]

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