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François X

Over the last decade, Parisian techno maestro François X has become an instrumental figure within the international techno scene. First garnering attention in the mid 2000s as a frenetic techno enthusiast with debut releases on DJ Deep’s imprint deeply rooted and noticeable appearances at a slew of esteemed clubs, François’ career truly took off in 2012 with his Concrete residency — consistently delivering some of the most formidable sets in the country. His love for the club brought with it a reputation of vibrancy — channeling obscure, forgotten and timeless techno gems to dance floors across the globe. In terms of productions, Francois has an undeniable talent for forging mind-bending records, constantly releasing critically acclaimed projects such as Murky Dreams and Irregular Passion Reshaped back in 2019.

With the birth of his brand new XX LAB label last year, pushing independent minded artists with an avant-garde electronic music aesthetic, Francois returns to the soundsphere with a brand new EP entitled Digital Fever. Coming as his first solo material since 2019, the record reveals key themes of loneliness and self-identity quests — translated into a sheer combination of ecstatic and murky feelings. Showcasing a profound sense of creative freedom and a more brutal aesthetic, François X demonstrates why he is one of the most in-demand artists right now. The new EP is available to purchase on Bandcamp.

Plastikman – Drp

“One of my all-time favorite tracks!! I think I’m putting it in every playlist I’m making. I’m in love with this period of Richie Hawtin work, I remember myself diggin’ every PLUS 8 projects at night, fantasizing of an era I did not know. You know, the early 90s. Listening to this track made me feel those iconic parties in Detroit. Richie was a master as plastikman and sheet one is one of the best albums out there.”

Bjarki & Kuldaboli – (Deepfake Mix)

“Bjarki, the boss with his studio partner Kuldaboli delivered the perfect banger here combining a raw and intense vibe with a deep and ecstatic feeling in the second part is super well executed is a dancefloor killer, you can definitely put the crown in frenzy state with this one.”

Plaid – Lilith (Feat Bjork)

“Plaid and Bjork are my favorites artists. They Have achieved so much for the music scene with their fast forward thinking spirit. Released on Plaid’s album “Note for Trees”, the song is perfectly crafted, with its syncopated drums and the gorgeous voice of Bjork. I love the sexy and laidback vibe!”

Aquila – Low Level Attack

“A super dreamy track by Aquila on the iconic Australian label undefined recordings. I remembered playing track during my closing set at the extinct 2001 Festival, everybody went hysterical. This kind of music is so appealing, creating moments of emergency and frenzy!”

Mental Refreshment – Pinguin

“I came across this track digging in a shop in Paris. I love how fresh this 1996 track sounds. This is quite the music I love, groovy, sexy and dreamy.”

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Digital Fever EP:

Thanks to François.

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