Portuguese-born, London-based DJ and producer ØTTA has been taking the techno scene by storm over the past few years, implementing her hard and distorted thumpers to match high-octane performances across Europe. Widely renowned for her multi-faceted sounds of industrial, gabber and hardcore techno, the youngstar has quietly been making a name for herself alongside the collective and event series Орфей (Orpheus), which she co-founded several years ago. This particular imprint seeks to combine various forms of art, “creating a more free environment to promote emerging underground artists and challenge the forms in which electronic music can be experienced” and hosting events curated by a parittuclar narrative that presents a synergetic journey through hard, dark and raw sound flow aligned with live performances. A serial Jaded feature at London’s very own Corsica Studios, ØTTA continues to push the boundaries, levelling up each year with recent highlights including her enthralling Possession Podcast and WOMXN EP (What’s your type?) out on Possessions in-house label.

Blawan – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage 

I listened to this track for the first time 7 years ago when I moved to London and it really opened my eyes to a different techno music approach. At the time I was coming from Portugal where the music culture was really different, so this track really marked me because it was one of the first contacts I had with the UK vibe. This track has an insane ambience, never gets old!

JKS – Mash up the dance 

A recent track that came out this year on Molekul Records – I love this track, it’s so fresh! It’s very complete for me, it has everything, drums, groove, fat lines, bass, big drop, sexy vocals, everything haha, I guess we can say that JKS is a great artist.

Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt 2 (DJ Virage Sud Gabba Mix)

“I used to play this track a lot when I was back in London and actually now that I moved to Paris I haven’t played it, not sure why but this track it’s a yes for me.”

GMS – Juice (1200 Micrograms Remix)

“I might have said this before, but the first rave I went was trance, in Portugal at the time the trance culture was way more developed than the techno culture, the real raves were trance. This track is a remix of the original from GMS, they caught my eye after this track and are also known from the movie “Requiem For a Dream”. It brings me back to memories of when I was in Portugal.

Sentimental Rave – Never Asking Favours

“It’s a strong track for me, I love the vibe and the message and I’m also super happy that it was produced by a woman. I believe that is a track about empowerment, it makes a statement.  Love it!

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