François X’s brand new imprint XX LAB drops debut compilation release

This weekend the newly formed XX LAB imprint announced their very first release, an eight-track compilation featuring a selection of rising talents and established artists.

Founded by Fraçois X, the Parisian recon label acts as a research platform for independent minded artists whose musical aesthetic is orientated towards avant-garde electronic music. In the coming months it will release a mixture of electronic and crossover projects steamed by a pragmatic approach based upon utopian socialism and forward thinking principles.

XX LAB 01 brings together upcoming artists Vel, Elise Massoni and Uncrat with more recognised producers such as In Aeternam Vale and Ryan James Ford. From synth wave to techno, from IDM to hardcore, the project plunges the listener into a fascinating and ethereal universe.

“XX LAB 01” is out now to listen and buy along with a usb card which will act as a fictional object and represents an access card of the advanced research departments of the XX LAB building. Available on Bandcamp.

1. unit::overlay – As It Was
2. In Aeternam Vale feat Anneq – Non Existant
3. Gohan feat Al Jerry – Karkoubi
4. Elise Massoni – Silk
5. François X – Melancholic Desire
6. Ryan James Ford – Turner Prize
7. Uncrat – Engage
8. Vel – Bubble Tree

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