Michal Wolski drops brand new EP on Monday Off featuring remix work from Luigi Tozzi

Mary Yuzovskaya’s vinyl-only imprint, Berlin-via-New York Monday Off imprint takes another dive into techno’s hypnotic depth with brand new “Meionia Calai” EP from Warsaw’s very own Michal Wolski.

Monday Off is a label with an ethos to showcase techno’s hypnotic side, specifically trippy and dark sounds whereby the music’s subtle dynamics unfurl in intensely cerebral and psychedelic ways. Following up contributions on the most recent two MOFF compilations, Polish producer Michal Wolski returns to the platform with a heady debut solo EP.

Otherworldly sounds swirl around opener Meiona Calai as if caught in its cyclonic embrace, giving way to the propulsive crescendo beneath Xeioa Claipha’s glimmering electronics. On the flip side, Plaxhia Exhia conjures ghostly textures that ebb and flow over its tensile percussive clatter, and Luigi Tozzi reworks the A1 into a hallucinogenic beast whose searing atmospherics and driving rhythms unfurl and envelope.

“Meionia Calai” is out on Monday Off and is available to listen and buy on Bandcamp.

1. Meionia Calai

2. Xeioa Claipha
3. Plaxhia Exhea
4. Meionia Calai (Luigi Tozzi Rephase)

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