Under My Feet drop first official release featuring Ireen Amnes and Kamikaze Space Programme

Under My Feet. – the collective behind the acclaimed Live on Tape series featuring recordings from Hiro Kone and Drew McDowall – is pleased to announce its official first release.

Under My Feet. is a collective of like-minded friends that share a common vision and devotion to experimental music and thought-provoking visual arts. Behind the imprint is Ireen, Hila Angelica, Jacopo and Carolaina, each individually bringing their knowledge, unique skills and creative ideas to the project. Our events showcase unique contemporary experimental live acts combined with visual art exhibitions. 

Their debut release sees a collaboration between UMF. co-founder Ireen Amnes and breakbeat wizard Kamikaze Space Programme, “Unravelling” is a bold new work that combines the defining qualities of both artist’s styles into a uniquely dynamic record. 

Defined by a shared struggle with insomnia and the restless, tormenting effect it can have on the mind, the EP moves through a range of moods, textures and emotions, providing a dark, sonic exploration of this perpetual state of unease. From the blown-out bass detonations of opener “Melatonin,” to tempo-agnostic abstraction (“Fractured”), eerie beat-science (“Ladder”) and the melancholic IDM of Amnes’ “Lost Transmission,” Unravelling is a rollercoaster ride through the minds of two producers, and an auspicious start to the Under My Feet. label.

“Unravelling” is available to pre-order via Bandcamp.

1. Melatonin
2. Kamikaze Space Programme – Ladder
3. Fractured
4. Ireen Amnes – Lost Transmission

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