Ten of the best electronic tracks selected by Salome

Tbilisi-born, Berlin-based Salome is a renowned DJ and producer who has made a name for herself over the past few years for her unique sounds influenced by a whole host of genres including electro, acid and techno. Often incorporating these genres together in her sets, the rising star consistently delivers fresh and intriguing sets that entices dancefloors all across the world and it is little surprise that she has been a regular on HÖR with her high-octane bends of enthralling electro and techno selections.

In terms of productions, Salome has already clocked releases the likes of Mechatronica, FTP, Darknet as well as her brand new Fatal Glow EP on leading imprint Lobster Theremin. Fusing her personal tastes and techniques into five cuts of prime peak-time weapons, the Berlin-based artist invited Jensen Interceptor for the remix to round off a powerful EP ready and waiting to fill club spaces post-lockdown. You can listen and purchase to the record here. To mark the occasion we ask Salome for her favourite ten current electronic records at this moment in time.

Squarepusher – Planetarium 

My n1 favourite, mind-blowing track Planetarium is part of an IDM, experimental Drum n Bass album called “Hello Everything” by Squarepusher aka Tom Jenkinson, released on Warp Records in 2006. Planetarium is obviously a highlight of an album, Its just a masterpiece and is almost impossible for me to explain and describe the complex emotions I get while listening to it. Indescribable with words.”

Dopplereffekt – Tetrahymena

“And a genius electro track by a legend and my hero Gerald Donald known under some aliases such as; Arpanet, Japanese Telecom, Heinrich Müller, Drexciya. The breathtaking Tetrahymena was released on Leisure System in 2014, this track with its Sci-fi pads and unique drums makes you feel invincible and almighty.”

Aphex Twin – Polynomial C

Without a doubt, this list would loose the worth without a track by electronic musical genius pioneer Aphex twin. A1 track Polynomial-C from the EP “Xylem Tube” was released on R and S records in 1992. This is a life changing piece that makes me cry every time I listen to it. If you would describe it with one word, I would call it universe!”

The Exaltics – The Hunch (The Exaltics Annihilate The Planet)

“Robert Witschakowski aka the Exaltics is an artist which I the most relate to musically and this track is a 100% match with my musical taste. This dark dramatic super powerful, very sci-fi and emotional electro track was released in 2012 on Solar One Music.”

Jauzas The Shining – Bohrium 274 (Heinrich Mueller Remix)

This remix of Heinrich Mueller aka Gerald Donald, was part of Jauzas the Shining and Victoria Lukas Electro EP called “Nuclear invasion” that was released in 2013 on Last Known Trajectory. The track is giving a very spooky, unsettled, mysterious and sexy vibes. Such insanely great work.”

Arpanet – Infinite Density

“And again, back to Gerald Donald, it wouldn’t work without mentioning this perfection. Infinite Density was released in 2006 as part of an EP – “Reference frame”. Absolutely in love with its cold robotic, scientific electro energy!”

Shinra – Plannt    

“This magical track by Shinra, was released in 2017 as a B2 track on “Meteor EP”, label-Analogical force. This amazing melodic track with its strong acid hit speaks to you directly and seduces you with its sentimental beauty.”

Lanark Artefax – Touch Absence

“This unbelievable track was released in 2017 on the EP “Whites 011”. Calum MacRae aka Lanark Artefax managed to create a brilliant track with angelic and melancholic beautiful tones that throws you to a meditation.”

Volruptus – First Contact  

Newest track from the list, First contact as a title track of the Album “First contact” was released in 2020 on bbbbbb records. I would say the most underrated, out of this world track by Volruptus is definitely a game changer with its mad acid baseline that is coming perfectly with the heavenly calming synth.”

Aphex Twin – Iz Us

“And another genius track from Richard that was released on an EP “Come to Daddy” in 1997 on Warp records. This masterwork, as a last track on vinyl makes you feel a beautiful nostalgia, calms you and fills you with emotions.”

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