Japanese producer Suzukiski reissues 1993 debut album ‘Thought’ to vinyl for the first time

For their third release, SAISEI present a reissue of highly respected Japanese producer Suzukiski’s 1993 debut album Thought LP.

The full 12 tracks from the original release will be released on vinyl for the first time – with the majority of tracks exclusively re-edited for vinyl extended play. 

Thought was Suzukiski’s debut long player and showcases his minimal and poised approach to production. Across the 12 tracks he shows off his aptitude for creating delicate yet effective house and techno, referencing the Detroit sound that was eminanating and revolutionaising electronic music at the time.

For sleeve notes of the release Suzukiski lent this quote, speaking of the Detroit influence: “These artists created these simple and minimal tracks that were so beautiful and gave me joy, yet I’d never seen their faces before.” 

Based on a solid groove and created on the limited hardware setups which were key to the time of its creation, the album carries all the charm of minimal all hardware made music. The result is a timeless collection of tracks that show a serious commitment to refined sound with a joyous and carefree uplifting feeling.

‘The double pack vinyl package is accompanied by two sets of liner notes by Rei Harakami and Soup Disk label owner Masaaki Hara written for Soup Disk’s 2003 reissue with English translations and will be released in October 2021.’

1. Living In The Room
2. Nurse *
3. Gyro *
4. Sargasso8
5. Screw *
6. Direct Mail *
7. Build [Extitute Mix] *
8. Hands
9. Community Chest
10. Chelsea *
11. 27PM *
12. Thought

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