Vitalic releases new single ‘Rave Against The System’ from his forthcoming album

Continuing his 20th anniversary celebrations, French producer, Vitalic, has releases steamy new single and visuals to ‘Rave Against The System’ from forthcoming album, DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1.

Rave Against The System is an unapologetic track, designed for the dancefloor with its martial rave-ready beat, electro-punk feel, overlapping acid loops and repetitive vocals delivered by Parisian voguing icon Kiddy Smile.

With powerful beats and galloping sequencers that translate the social and political anger of the global pandemic, Rave Against The System is accompanied by a stunning music video that embodies the urge to celebrate all desires and all bodies.

An illegal party with dystopian accents welcomes a crowd gathering for a last dance, celebrating sexuality and human physicality in all forms.

Speaking on the new release, Vitalic states: “Rave Against The System is an hybrid acid punk song reminding us that gathering and dancing are actual political actions. Kiddy Smile harangues the crowd like a preacher and shouts out the urge to dance and live, whoever you are, without any social or sexual barriers.”

‘DISSIDÆNCE Episode 1 is releasing October 15th and is available for pre-order here.

1. Haute Definition
2. Rave Against The System
3. Lost Times
4. Dance Avec Moi
5. Cosmic Renegade
6. 14 A.M
7. Boomer OK
8. Carbonized

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