François X collaborates with animation artist Anne Raffin & designer Arthur Avellano on 2D anime video

François X, animation artist Anne Raffin and designer Arthur Avellano combine for a 2D realistic anime video.

Portraying a dystopian story inspired by Japanese classic anime like Ghost in the Shell, Satoshi Kon works and Genius Party Beyond from Studio 4°C, the clip is a 2D realistic anime video including “mechas” specifically modeled in 3D, with a heroic story taking place in a scenery of constructivist and brutalist skyscrapers.

Aesthetically speaking, each character of the animated film was meticulously dressed, by recreating Arthur Avellano’s collections pieces. This creative idea took shape after a meeting at Arthur’s local showroom. A mutual interest between François, Anne and the French designer for futuristic garments-material was the mutual interest, as the Arthur Avellano brand is famously known for its work on hybrid latex fabrics.

Speaking on the video, François X states: “Sharing the same movie references, I talked with Anne about the idea of a collaboration : doing an anime video clip for the song. We exchanged a lot, sending each other mood boards related to SF, dystopian worlds and I provided Anne with fashion ideas I had in mind. (the characters’ outfits were uniquely designed based on Arthur Avellano collections items). In the end Anne meticulously imagined and created this world.”

Listen and watch “XX LAB” below.


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