Mood Selections with Cici

Irish-born DJ and producer Cici began her DJ career in 2009 and now spends most of the time jetting between Ibiza in London playing highly energetic sets, rightly setting her out to be one of the most exciting female artists to date. Wanting to delve deeper into her passion and express herself further, the Dublin-native began to produce – training on Ableton before moving over to analogue synths, resulting in her debut release Extraneous coming on Mella Dee’s label Warehouse Music which garnered regular plays on Radio 1 alongside glowing reviews on Mixmag, RA and DJ Mag. Since, Cici has played on a plethora of radio shows in the UK and across Ibiza, delivering flawless mixes for the likes of Openlab Radio, Keinemusik, Circoloco and LA-Based Dublab – demonstrating her flawless mixing skills and extensive knowledge for acid house. The youngstar has also been spending a lot of her time working alongside Newcastle-based imprint Me Me Me who have recently celebrated their 5th anniversary in style at London haunt Fabric. Expect a brand new record from Cici on the imprint coming later this year.

Hey Cici!

How are you doing and what have you been getting up to recently?

I’m doing good, coming off the back of a busy Ibiza season and also the return of clubs in the UK. Now I’m home in Ibiza working on music in between touring for weekend shows. 

How have you found the re-opening of events and life in general?

Such a welcomed breath of fresh air after so long and with a newfound appreciation for being able to play music to a proper dance floor again.

Where have you played recently and any particular highlights you can share?

At the beginning of November I played at the Warehouse Project in the depot which was amazing and I’ve recently been playing at fabric, Printworks, Village Underground, The Cause, Tobacco Dock and Watergate in Berlin for a DJ Tennis curated party which I opened and closed the waterfloor, I forgot what it was like being in a club for 12 hours straight but I loved it, plus seeing the same faces with you from the beginning to the very end just loving the music is a special feeling. 

What music have you been digging recently and can you share a couple of staples you’ve included in your sets? 

So much amazing music coming out at the moment, been loving the dance floor groovers of Sally C and always manage to sneak a Freakenstein track in there somewhere too. It’s definitely good having a few tracks in there you always know you can pull out, but discovering new music and playing it out is one of my favourite parts of DJ’ing so much, really gives you a chance to try new things and discover with the audience what’s going to make the floor dance!

Can you tell us about an artist we should look out for aka ‘One To Watch’?

Niks and DVD-C are two artists I really am excited to keep watching to see what will happen next. 

Favourite vinyl bought in the last year?

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray 

One vinyl you’d save from your collection?

My Dads band from the 70’s

Mood Wax – What do you listen to?

When I’m feeling good I listen to:

Sun Ra – Door of the Cosmos

When I’m sad:

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92

When I’m relaxing:

Nils Frahm – Fundamental Values

When I’m in the car:

Moby, Go – 1991

When I’m watching the sun rise:

Andrew Weatherall – Massive Mellow Mix

When I’m cooking:

Moodymann – Come 2 Me

When I’m on the beach:

808 State – Pacific State

When I’m pre-drinking:

Italo Johnson | Boiler Room x Pornceptual

When I’m at an afters:

Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea

Thanks Cici.

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