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Justine Perry

Berlin-based Justine Perry first made a name for herself through collaborations with the likes of artistic platform Art Bei Ton and later established herself as one of the meanest techno selectors throughout Europe with her exquisite taste in dark and hypnotic sounds.

Playing across the globe at some of the finest clubbing establishments including Rex Club in Paris and Berlin’s Tresor, Justine has garnered a huge amount of attention from budding artists and boasts performances alongside the likes of Peter Van Hoesen, Claudio PRC, Luigi Tozzi and Hemka. Over the last couple of years, she has released her debut track in collaboration with Petit Astronaute as well as dropping her solo effort “All of a Sudden” for Het Records’ vinyl and digital compilation. Possessing an abundance of raw talent, Justine Perry is certainly one to keep an eye on over the course of 2022.

Hey Justine!

How are you doing and what have you been getting up to recently?

Hey, I am good thanks! Since clubs re-opened I have been pretty busy with gigs. I had a really good time playing in France and Berlin, as well as more recently in Amsterdam and Poland. Just recently I published my last podcast of the year, it came out on Berlin-based BCCO channel and in November I also released my second solo track, this time as a part of Postdynamic’s V/A release. 

You have recently played at the likes of Cialo and Radion! What’s it like to be back playing in clubs again and what have your highlights been since the easing of lockdown?

It’s amazing to play again indoor. There is a different energy than in open air of course. Recently, I loved playing at Kalt, it’s probably the best clubs in France. The lighting is perfect, the club is huge and there is a lot of space for art. This club reminds me of the atmosphere from Berlin. I feel good there.

Radion in Amsterdam was also something special. It was my first time playing in the city and it was during ADE so the club was packed. I can still see the bare-chested sweaty dancers with fans in their hands. Cialo in Poland is definitely a club to visit! It’s in the middle of the town, when you arrive in front of you don’t imagine there is a club downstairs! The booth is super and the monitors are very good quality and positioned! It was a pleasure. Lately, I feel a real desire to give everything to the audience. It’s a warm feeling and it makes me push my limits technically when I play.

What music have you been digging recently and can you share a couple of your favourite tracks that you have been playing in your sets?

I’m definitely more interested in fast techno than I was before and have recently discovered some nice tracks.

Marcelo Antonio – Molly Sanderson. Currently unreleased, it’s my favorite track at the moment. I have played it at my latest gigs and the reaction of the audience has been great. I enjoy using the track to create a break in my sets and to give it different energy.

Amotik – Chappan. Taken from his latest EP. Very mental stuff. I love the tension on it – perfect to start a set.

YYS – Infiltration. A crazy track. Also super good to start a set and to build an atmosphere.

Rebecca Delle Piane – Hypno. Rebecca’s productions are super mental and trippy, with a lot of tension. I am very happy to see a female who produces these styles. We don’t have a lot, unfortunately but she is super talented and definitely one to follow.

You have to curate a line-up for an upcoming event – who would choose to play and why?!

I’d definitely choose Decoder, he’s only 17 years old but so advanced in terms of production. He is definitely the artist to follow over the next few years! I’m looking forward to his future. He is gifted. I have never seen this level before at such a young age.

Linear System, all his productions are amazing – timeless and trippy techno. Very talented guy.

DVS1, a huge reference for me since a young age as he gives life to all the tracks he plays. He constantly works with a lot of layers and always pushes the boundaries. I love the way he takes risks which make his sets different and interesting. I really like the idea that the audience can’t guess which tracks are about to be played.

The Lady Machine, since we played together at Tresor in 2019. She hasn’t stopped moving forward with productions and gigs. She is an excellent artist and technically impeccable.

Favourite vinyl bought in the last year?

Actually, I haven’t bought any vinyl but I receive a lot as gifts from artists and labels but two of my favourite are the EP’s from Taar 1 (Rekursion) and the Various Compilation “Point C” released via On Board Music. 

One vinyl you’d save from your collection?

Dasha Rush ‎– Timid Ocean Drawings.

Mood Wax – What do you listen to?

When I’m feeling good I listen to:

When I’m feeling good I listen to techno most of the time but also jazz, classic, piano. This particular track I listen to when I’m feeling good:

When I’m sad:

This track is amazing and I have listened to it a million times.

When I’m relaxing:

Ambient. I love Giogio’s tracks.

When I’m in the car:

I only drive at my parents place in my hometown, and I always listen to the old compilation I recorded when I was 17/20. I also still love Eric Prydz works.

When I’m watching the sun rise:

When I’m watching the sun rise. I just enjoy the silence and the view.

When I’m cooking:

Valentino Mora – Yant Suea.

When I’m on the beach:

 I listen to the waves and the silence.

When I’m pre-drinking:

I listen to a lot of podcasts from deep to techno. Recently I enjoyed listening the podcast of Reka Zalan for Voltage.

When I’m at an afters:

In general, I prefer to listen deep techno with spacy, trippy and floating elements. The flow of this track is surrealistic and represent exactly the sound I want listen in afterparties. Let’s close our eyes and float!

Thanks Justine.

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