Nia Archives delivers new track and visuals to “18 & Over”

London-based artist Nia Archives has unveiled a new track and visuals to “18 & Over”.

Following up the release of her acclaimed record Forbidden Feelingz EP in October, Nia Archives returns with a heavy cut accompanied by Taliable celebrating the DIY soundsystem culture.

Speaking on the release, Nia explains: “For the “18 And Over” video, I knew that the visuals had to be iconic as the song is an absolute banger. Working with Taliable who was the director and editor was super fun, I feel we creatively gelled really well to create this vibrant piece. The story starts with me smoking a cigarette, then I begin cycling. I come across my friend Andrew and we continue on around Hackney until we discover this euphoric soundsystem motive.”

“There we link up with members of the ‘Brighter Days Family’ to throw the maddest rave. The actual video was shot in my warehouse yard, I thought it would be sick to use that space as no one has ever shot a music video there—meaning it is unique to me. We kept things even more local by asking Hackney native Mark Solution if we could set up his wicked ‘Solution Soundsystem’—It was an honour to feature it in my video. There are also some references to the original record that I sampled for viewers to spot.”

Check out the “18 & Over” visual below:

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