Tourist shares brand new album ‘Inside Out’ via Monday Records

London-based producer Tourist shares his fourth studio album ‘Inside Out’, alongside the lead single ‘A Dedication’.

The esteemed artist also announces his headline UK and European tour, with a headline show at Electric Brixton. To celebrate the release, Tourist will be playing a very intimate Rough Trade East gig on the night of the release. 

A poignant record written in response to the sudden loss of a close friend during the pandemic of 2020, Inside Out was a difficult yet cathartic experience for the artist.

Speaking on the project, Tourist states: “It was never a record I had imagined I would write, nor one I would want to again – but the process of creating these tracks was my attempt to make music that comforted me and explored the gamut of emotions one experiences after losing someone. Being unable to see others in the aftermath meant that writing music was a healthy way to occupy myself, and as soon as I felt like the record was in tribute to this person – the album really just wrote itself.”

“Amongst all of this, it was still important to me that if someone listened to the music with no understanding of what the record is about – it might speak to them purely on a sonic and musical level. My aim wasn’t to write a murky, heavy album to express these themes, but one that felt both euphoric, celebratory and melancholic all at once.”

Listen to Inside Out below.

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