Tourist shares remixes from critically acclaimed album ‘Inside Out’

London-based producer Tourist shares reworks of selected tracks taken from his critically acclaimed album out earlier this year, ‘Inside Out’.

Calling upon producers Sofia Kourtesis, Yu Su and Waleed to add their own magic to stand-out tracks ‘Your Love’, ‘A Dedication’ and ‘Avalanche’ – they have been opened up and recreated, maintaining the unique Tourist sound, albeit with a fresh new twist through the eyes of three heavy hitters. There’s a rework of ‘With You’ from Tourist himself.

Speaking on the new release, Tourist states: “It was wonderful hearing others interpret “Inside Out”. Sofia, Yu-Su and Waleed are some of my favourite artists and it was a real privilege for them to remix my music. I love what they came up with. Also, there’s nothing like remixing yourself – I was thoughtful and didn’t change myself too much.”

A record written in response to the sudden loss of a close friend during the pandemic of 2020, ‘Inside Out’ was a difficult yet cathartic experience for the artist. “It was never a record I had imagined I would write, nor one I would want to again – but the process of creating these tracks was my attempt to make music that comforted me and explored the gamut of emotions one experiences after losing someone. With the state of his mind and the state of the world at the time of writing, the themes he explores lean towards the existential: loss, friendship, the ephemerality of everything, becoming a father, longing for the connection of other human beings.”

Check out the remixes below.

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