François X unveils brand new EP ‘CEO’ on his very own imprint XXLAB

Parisian techno producer François X is set to return with a mesmerising new EP, showcasing his undeniable talent and artistic evolution.

Titled “CEO” (short for Cowboy Executive Officer), the EP features six tracks that blend edgy techno rhythms with the raw energy of modern dance and pop music, marking a significant step forward in François X’s musical journey. Alongside the news, the French stalwart unleashes first single “Cowboy Executive Officer” available to listen below.

From the soaring and ethereal opening track, “Infinite Anthems,” to the poignant and melancholic finale, “Broken Dream Fantasy,” François X’s new EP takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey through a variety of different genres. Throughout “CEO,” François X displays a masterful command of his craft, effortlessly fusing elements of pop, rap, and techno into a cohesive and deeply personal statement.

Set to release June 16th, the EP is guaranteed to cement the Parisian’s name as one of the most sought after electronic talents to come out of Europe in the last five years.

Check out “Cowboy Executive Officer” below:

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