Maharishi Flexes Military Flair For FW23

London-based streetwear label maharishi blend eastern influences with western tailoring references spanning across various forms of military uniform.

This new release from Hardy Blechman’s imprint offers iterations of the Hakama pant whilst the brand’s classic M65’s are reimagined with extra gussets and articulation for a wide range of motion in tricky terrains.

For Original Snowpants, intricate artworks of a Fire Phoenix and Peace Cranes arrive as prints, alongside camp collars crafted from Melton Wool exploring finer tailoring from one of Britain’s most historic mills, Abraham Moon & Sons.

To round off the collection, maharishi works with lightweight shirt silhouettes arriving with Hanten style closures and custom versions of 60s US Army advisor’s uniforms.

The seasonal colour for FW23 is ‘murasaki’, the Japanese word for purple — when naturally dyed ties together heavier cotton sweats as a base for embroideries which celebrate the Samurai.

Look through the latest collection below:

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