Jil Sander Resort 2024 Menswear Collection

Discover Jil Sander’s men’s resort 2024 collection — a fusion of opposing elements.

The vision of Jil Sander has grown to portray a modern sensibility fused with romantic touches, all whilst staying true to the German brand’s minimalistic core.

In attempt to move away from convention, Lucie and Luke Meier have reimagined the classic suit by pairing long trousers and shorts with jackets and shirt-jackets, creating a fresh and innovative silhouette. Shirts have been replaced with luxurious high-collared tops, T-shirts, mesh shirts, and knits, adding a touch of sophistication to this daring ensemble. Adorned with foulards, necklaces, and flattened jewelry that drapes elegantly from the body to the garment.

Through relaxed silhouettes, sharp yet meandering lines and versatile fabrications the collection proves to be an arsenal of styles that only used tailoring as one inspiration — knitwear served as a collection highlight with exquisite crochet inserts, embossing and jacquards that elevate its expressive potential.

The fusion of athleticism and elegance is accentuated by the inclusion of sneakers and vulcanized boots with oversized rubber soles, as well as voluminous, plush, and vibrant tote bags, handbags, sandwich bags, multi-colored box bags, and envelope folios.

Drag through the latest collection below:

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