GiGi FM breaks down her forthcoming EP ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol. 2’

GiGi FM has a unique approach to sourcing her music. By associating textures and colours to sounds within music, the French-Italian DJ and producer is able to create and play music that is rich in texture, atmosphere and ambience. This is evident in her brand new, forthcoming EP called Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol.2, celebrating the exchange between her, as the owner of the journal, and its reader through euphoric soundscapes and vibrant psychedelia. As a multi-hyphenate artist, GiGi FM will continue on her quest to push artistic boundaries and hold space for unique audience experiences, aided by her brand new record label, Sea~rène, taking aim at dreamlike and ethereal electronic music — whilst reconnecting the subconscious and the cosmos through immersive storytelling. Having just dropped the first release on her new imprint, “Amadamushies”, GiGi gears up towards the 1st December for the full EP release. Ahead of this, we caught up with the multi-faceted artist and now label owner…

“I established this imprint to share the various facets of my work without limitations, with hopes to eventually feature other artists and their unique journeys.”

Congratulations on your forthcoming release, how are you feeling?

Thank you very much! I’m feeling incredibly grateful and excited. Releasing this project feels like witnessing the birth of something precious, akin to having a baby. It’s an amazing experience to share a project I’ve long desired, pouring my heart and soul into it through both challenging and rewarding times.

You’ve just launched your new label Sea~rène too. What’s the story and influences behind the name?

Sea~rène is an extension of my intergalactic mermaid identity. I chose the name Sea~rène to keep my mermaid essence visible, aiming for a pronunciation close to the French word for “siren.” It represents my artistic soul expressing without boundaries and sharing my cosmic journey. My influences stem from astrology, philosophy, and the cosmos, viewing music as a tool for both expression and introspection.

Can you tell us more about the new imprint?

Sea~rène, represented by the quote “We are Sea~rène swimming in-between supernatural tides, forever following the emotional waves of the universe” serves as a platform for expressing the language of the soul, introspection, and the depths of the cosmic self. I established this imprint to share the various facets of my work without limitations, with hopes to eventually feature other artists and their unique journeys. It’s essentially a cosmic diary capturing moments and emotions. ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k’ was the initial album released under Sea~rène, delving into introspection during the lockdown, transitioning from diary writing to using Ableton for capturing my moments, thus transforming visual records into audio.

You’ve got a new project called ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol. 2’ on the way. How has the journey been putting together this project?

The journey has been incredibly enlightening and transformative. It’s been a learning experience delving into the nuances of the industry—understanding the dynamics of streaming platforms, the value placed on music, distribution intricacies, and more. Additionally, it has taught me the significance of sharing this part of myself and the healing process with others. As Harriet Beecher Stowe aptly said, “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

Which tracks in particular should we listen out for?

Each track is akin to a unique individual, capturing a distinct moment and maintaining its own personality, story, and emotions. However, “Househopping (Keroppi)” stands out as one of the happiest tracks I created during a dark mental phase while facing harassment from my neighbour. It symbolizes the pinnacle of escapism. “Tevora” is also special, as it was created during a period of healing from a traumatic experience last year, embodying the concept that even in darkness, there’s the potential to find light and strength to heal.

Describe your new project in three words.

Colorful, immersive, cosmic.


Is a complete mushroom trip—a journey through binaural pressure healing frequencies and release.


Embodies cosmic teachings and confidence, tied to the numerology number 9, symbolizing completion, wholeness, and spiritual insight.

“Sly Xupete Di Barcelona” 

Recalls a transformative experience with Xupete, a strain of weed from Barcelona. It awakened a sense of urgency—now or never, encouraging us to act on our desires immediately.

“Spazio Teletrasporto” 

Is a cosmic voyage, enveloped in vivid blue hues, guiding and mesmerizing us into the depths of the cosmos and our inner consciousness.

“Househopping (Keroppi)”

Is an ironic creation born during a dark period when I sought refuge from a harassing neighbor. Through music, I tried to escape and find happiness and it led me to befriended Keroppi. (you totally check keroppi you will have a laugh)


Means heron in Japanese, and holds a special place in my heart, symbolizing elegance, grace, and good fortune. It’s a tribute to my connection with these birds, Japanese mythology, and my best friend Louise.

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